Current Group

Prof. Jason R. Dwyer
Principal Investigator

Research Interests

How do molecules work, and how can we better put them to work for us? Bioanalytical, biophysical, & materials chemistry; nanoscience

Personal Interests

WWII history, Canadian spelling, Theatre, Fountain Pens, Judo & Jiu Jitsu, Whisky & good cocktails

I'm interested in learning about molecules:  how they're put together, how they work, and how they interact with each other. My research aims to take what we learn from fundamental studies and apply it advance society.


I'm a physical chemist by training and an analytical chemist by hire. Nanoscience and nanofabrication, and biophysical chemistry are threads weaving these two research discipline histories together. Materials science has become an increasingly important part of my research interests as we try to tune the properties and function of nanostructures with molecular-level precision. Along the way I've performed science outreach (e.g. Discovery Channel) and started my own company. Chemistry, the Central Science, has been a tremendous tool for discovery and application.

Postdoctoral Researcher
Graduate Students
Robert Chevalier
Graduate Student

 B.A. (Chemistry): College of the Holy Cross, 2016

Research Interests

Analytical and Electrochemistry

Analysis of functionalized nanopores via conductance profiles to further our understanding of the functionalization process.

Personal Interests

Surfing, Rock Climbing, Ballroom Dance, Playing Board Games with Friends

James Hagen
Graduate Student

 B.S. (Chemistry): Keene State College NH, 2016


Research Interests

I am interested in exploring instrumental analysis to eventually develop novel methods and instrumentation to detect environmental contaminants within groundwater and soil samples.


Personal Interests

My free time is spent at home with my family consisting of two cats, two dogs and one fiancé.

Brian Sheetz
Graduate Student
Undergraduate Students
Melissa Morris
Undergraduate Student
High School Students